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One of the alternatives for the standard tiles

One of the alternatives for the standard tiles

Resin floors themselves have been known for a long period of time. Due to their high durability and resistance to damage, they were originally used in commercial industrial buildings. Then we discovered the ability to decorate the resin with a variety of additives, so that this type of flooring could easily enter our house rooms. New-days, the real hit is to create resin flooring with the modern 3D effect.

In simply words we can say that in order to achieve this superb result, chosen graphic pattern or other decorative material is laid on the floor and then filled with a clear resin. The floors created using this method are unique and really nice to look at. As we already mentioned, these floors are durable and resistant to abrasion. What is more, they can be refreshed, which allows the resin to be completely restored to its original form.

Resin floors are poured in layers and under appropriate external conditions and with the required technological breaks. For this purpose, not only the resin itself, but also other associated materials are used. These include as well , primers, anti-skid layers, sealing layers or varnishes. Taking into account labor-intensive work, diligence and the availability of appropriate expertise. The costs of 3D effect floors always is quoted individually. Not only area of the floor is important, but also what we want to flood. You need to realise that flooding of larger objects is inseparable from the need to increase the thickness of the resin floor and thus with greater use of the material.

Laying resin floor with 3D effect is a wonderful way to arrange the interior in an different and original way. Using the colorless resin for this purpose allows for the original display of the objects flooded in it. And you can put there everything that comes to mind. Of course, it will have to be a material with which the resin will not react directly and will not destroy it. You can choose from decorated graphics, decorative pebbles, rocks, shells, sand, etc.. 3D flooring companies have their own catalogs, from which you can choose the right floor pattern or you can present your own design. You can generally create practically any, even the most spectacular idea.

Standard resin with 3D effects are made in high gloss. The finished floor is beautifully presented and exposed to its depth. Those who will see it for the first time will be thrilled with excitement and admiration. In this way, you can create a bedroom by the sea, a bathroom that can became your “window” to the big, deep ocean or a hallway combining many artistic adventures, or creating the forrest, etc. This extra gloss layer on a floor is as well a special coating, which, in addition to decorative features, is also a protective layer for the resin. The use of this coating is very practical as it allows the floor to be refreshed without affecting its proper structure ;the coating can be removed after a certain period of time and applied to a new layer.

If you thinking to do something different and would like to create outstanding result, when all of your friend will be beyond believe; this floor will certainly do that! Not only it will look incredibly but as well it will stay like new for the long time, as the material is very durable.